We design workwear-inspired, practical and exciting clothes for little markers.


Driven by our creative life experiences and natural outdoor habitat, we value the importance of using our hand as our main tool. Pursuing the excitement and new adventures of creative family collaboration.


Comfortable and durable play wear for crafting, shaping, making, digging, mixing, moulding and smudging. Artisan clothing for kids to get their hands dirty. Dreamed up in London. Crafted in Spain. These are beautifully constructed and inspiring garments for indoor and outdoor play.


OUR MANIFESTO. “Statement of belief”:

  • We create garments that allow kids to be kids.
    • We encourage kids to get dirty if this is how they choose to express themselves while crafting, shaping, making, digging, mixing, molding and smudging.
    • We consider comfort. Children need clothing and footwear that adapt to their natural movements and favor the perfect development and growth.
    • We source high quality materials that stay the test of time, using natural fabrics and leathers.
    • We believe the durability of our garments (play an important role) allowing them to be passed to the next generations.
    • We cultivate an appreciation for quality over quantity.
    • We teach our children to live in a world where less is more.
    • We respect fashion, however we encourage classic design over passing trends.
    • We value the health of our planet, hence we try our best to minimize the impact on the environment.

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